How to handle stress while studying abroad

Starting a new life in a foreign country while pursuing your higher studies can be a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience for any new student travelling abroad. However, a student spending college life abroad can become stressful along the way as there will be many difficult situations which a student may face that needs to be overcome by applying the right solutions. Here are some of the most common stressors which international students could be faced with during their academic years and the solutions for each which could help you get through your college life stress-free.

1. Homesickness

Once you have arrived at your host country, it is natural to feel a little homesick. This is because of the loneliness you might feel as you are probably miles away from your home, family and the general lifestyle you were used to before, and the new lifestyle you need to get adjusted to might seem daunting and can give rise to culture shock. If you can divert your focus on the difference in living situations in your new environment compared to what you were used to before and focus on gradually getting adjusted to your surroundings and its people, you will be able to experience the perks of living in a foreign country such as new and exciting places or things you can indulge in.

2. Difference in language

Your new neighborhood is likely to be speaking in their native language which would be posing a difficulty for you to communicate and interact with the locals, which can develop a lot of stress in you even when getting assistance with navigation. It might be particularly difficult for international students as some of their classes might be taught in the country’s native language which makes it hard for students to understand what they are taught. In such a situation, you should challenge yourself to interact with people where you will not be able to find someone who speaks your language to assist you, which helps you to develop your communication skills.

3. Setting high expectations

You or your parents might have invested a large amount of money for you to travel to a foreign country to pursue your higher study, which will make you feel like you should do well above your potential to excel in your course. Setting unrealistic expectations on yourself is not practical and will lead to severe stress which you will not be able to cope with when going through your course years. Instead of setting absurd standards on yourself to achieve more than what your potential allows you to do, come to an understanding with yourself to accept your true potential and work towards your goal of doing well in your course at a healthy pace. It will help you get through your course at ease with a sound mindset.

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