Higher Education in Canada

Whether it is excellence in the academic field, affordable options or even a bit of adventure, Canada is your one-stop destination for it all. For these very reasons, Canada is the choice of a large number of international students around the world as a perfect destination to pursue their academic path. There was an estimated 70,000 foreign students studying on all academic categories in Canada until August of 2019, proving why many students around the world are driven to do their higher studies in this country.

As the country has provided approximately 1.6 million jobs for new graduates (as per statistics of the last decade), students studying in Canada are likely to land themselves with favorable career opportunities. Some of the best courses which students are able to study in Canada are: engineering, computer science, agriculture science, health and science, business, and hospitality and tourism. The country holds the No. 1 rank in the global quality of life index, being home to 5 of the top academic cities amongst the best 100 around the world. 

Scholarship programs available in Canada

A suitable scholarship program is most beneficial for you to reduce the cost spent for your education. There are many scholarship programs offered for university students by the Canadian government, Canadian universities and other establishments for them to study in Canada.

The cost required for studying in Canada

Canada is considered as a reasonably priced destination to pursue higher studies, compared to other countries who speak English. You can choose your most suited alternative from a wide range of options depending on your budget.



S.no. Study program Average annual fee (in CAD*)
1 Undergraduate program CAD $13,000 to $20,000 annually
2 Postgraduate master’s degree CAD $17,000 to $25,000 annually
3 Doctoral degree CAD $7,000 to $15,000 annually
4 MBA CAD $30,000 to $40,000 annually

How to apply for a university in Canada

If you wish to apply from Sri Lanka to pursue your higher studies in Canada, you should be informed that the main intake for Canada universities is in September and they do have another intake in Jan and a minor intake May. 

The availability of courser will differ based on the intake. 



Program Intake Deadline
Undergraduate and postgraduate in a
Fall – September
Winter – January
December – March
September – November
Diploma programs in colleges January
August – September
January – February
February – April

Best universities to choose from in Canada

Canada is proud of having some of the highest living and academic quality standards amongst others in the world. You might find it difficult to choose the ideal university for you to study in Canada; however you can pick your choice from our vast database where you can find all the information of your university of interest.

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