Life in the UK as an international student

Life in the UK as an international student

According to statistics from the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA), the UK (England, hosts 485,000 international students, pursuing their degree. Recent studies show that the majority of overseas students are undergraduates, so there’s a good chance this is you! As an international student you would have plenty to do and the possibilities are endless.

Getting to know the UK

The UK, comprising England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, each with its own distinct culture, is home to over 67 million people, 15 percent of who were born overseas. In case if you already weren’t aware, UK is known for its cold and wet weather and its summer isn’t hot very often.

The people have a sense of justice, law and order. Please, thank you, and sorry are normal parts of everyday conversations and interactions. Some people are simply surprised by how polite British people are. British people scarcely use superlatives and they aren’t very animated when they speak and being late is considered odd and rude. As an international student, you may not be used to this, but you will probably get used to it quickly after your arrival!

Higher Education

Many international students dream of obtaining a degree in UK. The UK universities with the highest number of international students are University College London, the University of Manchester, and the University of Edinburgh.

The most popular subjects are business and administrative studies, social studies, medicine and allied studies, and creative arts. Universities in the UK offer thousands of courses and degrees that are recognized around the world by employers and academics.

Most undergraduate programs consist of three years in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (four years for a foundation degree). In Scotland, the norm is four years. In general, undergraduate students need to attend classes for 15-25 hours a week.

According to Times Higher Education surveys, the universities with the best campus are Loughborough University (library, spa, sports facilities), Exeter (quality accommodation, huge digital library), Lancaster (shops, bars, jazz concerts), Dundee (cheap and cozy), Edge Hill (location in Cambridge, great housing), Sheffield (urban campus, art galleries), Buckingham (landscape), St. Andrews (breathtaking beaches), Liverpool Hope (facilities, landscape, social life), and Leeds Arts (libraries, music venues). Newcastle, Leeds, and Dundee have a great nightlife, too.

Work in the UK while studying

In UK, like most of the international study destinations, students are permitted to work while studying, but under two major restrictions: those set by your university and those by state-run official institutions. First, you must ensure that your university doesn’t have any constrain pulling you back from working before dealing with state officials.

However, in the UK many students can easily find part time jobs. You’re allowed to work up to 20 hours at maximum per week during term-time and full-time during holiday breaks. The national minimum pay for part-time work is £7.38 per hour for 21-24-year-olds, and £7.83 for 25-year-olds and older.

After you arrive

You will need a bank account for university registration, so apply for one before you leave home. It takes between seven and ten days to open an account. Keep enough cash for the first few weeks.

You first need to get through red-tape before you can begin your journey to your dreams.

The last thing you want is to land in the UK and realize you don’t have accommodation. So sort this out before you arrive. One major advantage is that most of these universities offer “halls of residence “where they offer accommodation to international students.

Talk to us for more assistance on studying in the UK. Through our university partnership, we will provide the best study options based on your profile. Furthermore, we will assist you in your visa process and post-departure by taking all your hassle to us. There is no fee for our service as we get our incentives from the university.

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