Life in Canada as an international student

Life in Canada as an international student

Canada being the second largest country in the world, you could spend a lifetime exploring the country’s towns, national parks, ocean shores, lakes and mountains. As an international student you would have plenty to do and the possibilities are endless.

Getting to know Canada

In your first few months you will get to know the people, culture, language, climate, gastronomy and many more. You are in for a treat in Canada if you have never experienced a light snowfall in winter or watching the flowers bloom in apple trees in spring.

Canadian culture includes people and culture around the world. Canada is well known for its multicultural societies with 250 ethnic origins and 6.4 million people speaking an immigrant language.  English and French are the two official languages .Canada welcomes people from everywhere as they place high value on tolerance and the national human rights law prohibits discrimination on race, disability, gender and sexual orientation.

Their commitment to equality makes Canada a sought-after destination for international students and immigrants. Canada is currently ranked as the #1 best country in the world for quality of life. Moreover, Restaurants, hotels, trains, airlines offer travel discounts for students. All you need is a valid student identification card!  So get ready to experience Canada and save some money!

Provinces and territories

Canada is divided in to 10 provinces and 3 territories, each with their own government. The most popular Canadian provinces for international students are Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec where the top universities are situated.

Higher Education in Canada

Higher education in Canada encompasses college and university. Each offers unique learning and growing.

College and Vocational schools

By choosing your studies at a college or a vocational school in Canada ,students gain world class , carrier oriented experience as a competitive edge to the changing global market as the colleges offer practical learning making the students take part in internships, co-operative programs and work placements while they study.

By attending a Canadian college or a vocational school, you are able to earn a certificate, diploma or a post graduate diploma   after which you can also opt in for university transfer programs to complete your academic degree. Canadian college programs are offered on a full-time or part-time basis, both in-person and online via distance education. Programs vary in length from a few months to 4 years. When you study in Canada, you can also complete your studies in English or French. The choice is yours.

Higher education in universities

Canada being home to 10 of the top 250 universities of the world  and Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto being 3  of the top 20 student cities of the world offers 15,000 study programs with exceptional quality and choice covering undergraduate and post graduate studies, professional designations, certificate and diploma courses and co-operative education and internships.

At university, your days will include in lectures and labs , tutorials and workshops. Each class also includes a lab assistant or a teaching assistant to provide extra learning support for the students. You have the possibility to learn online or via distance learning with the current pandemic.

Being an international student in Canada comes with a number of benefits from countless international programs , down to the immigration programs designed to aid facilitate permanent residency applications. Many of the universities offer competitive financial assistance to those international students who demonstrate high caliber academics.

Talk to us for more assistance on studying in Canada. Through our university partnership, we will provide the best study options based on your profile. Furthermore, we will assist you in your visa process and post-departure by taking all your hassle to us. There is no fee for our service as we get our incentives from the university.

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