Life in Australia as an international student

Australia is country of diversity and culture. When we think of Australia, we see a wide  open spaces of  outback bush, kangaroos, koalas, water and clean air. Apart from these usual expectations Australia has a lot more to offer, many international students choose to complete their higher studies in Australia because of its friendly nature, excellent education system and high standards of living.

Currently Australia is the third most popular country for the students in the English speaking world, behind the US and the UK. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system.

Living in Australia

Australia consists of various environments : from beaches to deserts to grazing lands to coral reefs and its climate varies according to the areas you live. The seasons in Australia are the opposite to the ones of Europe and North America.

People and culture in Australia are quite diverse with its varied languages, art, history and religions. While in Australia, students may experience varied cultural scenario which would eventually be an integral part of their university life.

Getting Around

Australia is extremely large and populated and transportation is well developed. If you want to get around your university the ideal option would be a bicycle. For students who are based in the Australian cities , the bus system is the most fairly extensive transportation system. As Australia is an extremely large country for longer journeys the train and the airway system is recommended.  However, Australia’s most commendable transportation system is the railway system as it connects most rural areas to major metropolitan areas.


Most international students live off-campus through homestay programs, hostels or rental properties as Australian universities provide little or no university housing.


The universities are mostly clustered in the East coast, with a total of 21 institutions in Brisbane, Sydney , Canberra and other towns in Queensland and New South Wales. A further many universities based in Melbourne, Adelaide and on the other side of the island, the West Coast with at least one university in each state or territory.

If you are planning to head abroad for an academic experience, you’ll be interested to know that some of these institutions are some of the best in the world.

Campus Life

The international students in Australia are welcomed by a rich and an engaging campus life. A comprehensive orientation program is offered to you at the beginning of your campus life.

When you are an international student, your student visa allows you to work 20 hours a week which helps you to add extra funds to your bank account. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) announced a 3% increase to base rates to pay  which took effect from 1st July 2019, with the new national minimum wage set as $ 19.49 an hour. You may look for an entry level job which matches your field of study.

As an international student in Australia, you can expect to live, grow, and learn in a young, friendly country full of opportunities. For those international students who successfully complete their degree, they will soon find that they are competitive in today’s international job market.

Talk to us for more assistance on studying in Australia. Through our university partnership, we will provide the best study options based on your profile. Furthermore, we will assist you in your visa process and post-departure by taking all your hassle to us. There is no fee for our service as we get our incentives from the university.

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