5 Best Reasons to Study and Live in Australia

If you are on this page, the chances are that you are about to make a huge decision – Where should I study abroad? Beautiful cities, summer weather and the laid-back Aussie lifestyle make Australian universities attractive.  However, there are several top reasons why Australia draws many international students each year. This includes gaining a world recognised higher education and personal development that will launch their careers. 

1) Top Quality Education

Australia is the third most popular student destination in the world. More and more international students choose Australia as their top choice for undergraduate courses, masters, and doctorate programs. It is also the third largest provider of international education with over 1000 institutions and 20,000 courses to choose from. Seven of Australian Universities rank in the top 100 in the world according to QC rankings 2020. The country also displays strength in the research front – responsible for inventions such as penicillin and wi-fi. Studying in Australia is a chance to learn from the best. 

2) Cultural Diversity

Australia is a great place to learn about other cultures and meet people from different ethnicities. The universities in Australia have a considerable population of international students and this only increases each year. This leads to a sense of community among students as they are increasingly open to making friends. Among citizens, 46% have at least one parent born overseas, making Australia a multicultural nation. Therefore they are welcoming and appreciative of other cultures. People have a high sense of equality and respect for each other. Most are friendly, easy-going and practice common courtesies. The high diversity lends itself to a rich learning experience inside and outside campus life. 

3) Part-time Work Opportunities

Australia gives students the opportunity to work up to 40 hrs a fortnight per semester. This helps cover living costs without hurting study time. Students can earn around AUD15-19 per hour. During semester break students can work unlimited hours. Finding employment near the campus will be convenient. Having a resume ready now will be helpful when applying for part time jobs once you get there. Students can get work in restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, call centres or retail stores. Most require minimal skill and low to medium level of English. Finding work in the field of study will help gain industry related work experience and get a work visa upon graduation. A meeting with the university’s resident director can get you useful advice with regard to getting a part time job related to your study program.

4) International Student Life

The country has some of the best student cities in the world, including Melbourne and Sydney which are ranked in the top 10 by QS Best student Cities 2019. While the cost of living and studying here may appear high, it is comparatively cheaper than the UK or US. Still if you are an international student, budgeting your living expenses is important. Students can enjoy a high standard of living and always be surrounded by instagram-worthy backgrounds. There are many options when it comes to recreation –anything from sports, hiking to music concerts. Not to mention quality nightlife and gorgeous beaches. The public transportation system in Australia is efficient and hassle-free. Students can use their student card wherever applicable to get discounts on food and transportation. 

5) Life After University

The university system in Australia produces some of the most highly employable graduates in the world. Notably, the University of Sydney and The University of Melbourne rank at  the top 10 of QS Graduate employability rankings 2020. Those who wish to stay and work in Australia after graduation will have to apply for a special work visa. There are other types of visas also available to international students. Getting the visa will depend on a point system. The Department of Home Affairs can provide you details of the criterion needed for each one. Science, engineering and accounting graduates are able to participate in the Professional Year Program (PYP) which is meant to improve the employability of international students through work experience.  

Students who opt to study in Australia rarely have misgivings about studying there. Many fall in love with all that the country has to offer and even stay behind for work. And some go on to obtain their PR. Whatever your reason is for choosing to study and live in Australia you will certainly find more. 

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