Come talk to us we will show you the options

If you are part of the millions of students who stuck in a dilemma on whether to apply or not to apply during the pandemic situations? Let us break your dilemma. Irrespective of the pandemic situations all the universities are having their intake as normal and governments have declare their fullest support for the international students.


As a student applying now you might be entitle to do your first semester in Sri Lanka using online platforms and fly for the second semester. This will reduce your living cost as an international student and most of the government has agreed to accept the time period you study online also as part of your on shore studies and grant Post Study Work Visa accordingly.


Please talk to us to get more country specific info and how part time work and other facilities are reshaping during the pandemic. SO DON”T STAY IN DILEMMA, CALL US & PLAN YOU STUDIES  

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